A Christmas gift

December 30, 2009

My replication of Goldsworthy’s “sticks-in-the-air” is in celebration of finally having some 500 plastic bags and 2000 bamboo sticks removed from trees near the Peace Garden Pond. Trees that formed the bottom portion of a gigantic keyhole symbol (if viewed from the air).

P1010024To do this required the generous international cooperation of people born in Canada (Lorne), Holland (Nel), South Africa (Terry), America (Kate, pictured) and Thailand (Chalerm and Tanwa). Talk about a welcomed Christmas gift.

About the time that I first saw a photo of Andy Goldsworthy throwing sticks into the air I was planting out the 2,000 or more trees that created the outline of the keyhole that stretched from the Peace Garden pond to the top edge of Windgrove’s boundary line; a perimeter distance of around a kilometer or 3/4 of a mile. This was eleven years ago.


I don’t know what Andy had in mind when he threw his sticks in the air, but my sticks represent “a job well done”, not only by the friendly humans that gathered them up over the Christmas holiday, but to the sticks themselves that served all those years as guardians of the young trees as they matured into the tall trees of today.

“Three cheers”, I say.

Post Script: After posting this blog entry I took some newly arrived friends and their kids down to the Drop Stone bench to watch the sunset. The beauty of the setting red sun is always special. Coming up opposite to the sun was a near full moon. More special.

Then we saw a seal playing around in the water below us. We got excited watching where it might surface next. Even more special.

Then little Oscar says, “Look! Dolphins!” And, sure enough, four separate pods of dolphins were swimming between the two headlands of Roaring Beach. So, very, very special.

“A hundred cheers”, I say.


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John December 26, 2011 at 2:08 am

Thank you Peter. I did not know Mary’s poem.

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