A stronger Christmas message

December 19, 2011

Does good will blossom at this time of year?

When gift giving is pushed upon us by stores everywhere large and small, on-line or in malls, if we take away the guilt factor from beneath the Christmas tree are we left with anything?

Hopefully, the notion that offering something to someone — whether family, friend or foe — is not seen as an obligation, but a heart felt act of goodliness.

And the offering does not have to be gift wrapped in a box delivered by three wise men. It can be as simple as a gesture of kindliness. A smile to a stranger could do. Or, better yet, extending a hand of empathic compassion to a street person living hard.

Second Chances

What are the chances a raindrop
from last night’s storm caught
in the upturned cup of an autumn leaf
will fall from this tree I pass under
and land on the tip of my lit cigarette,
scuffing it out? What are the chances
my niece will hit bottom before Christmas,
a drop we all long for, and quit heroin?
What are the chances of being hit
by a bus, a truck, a hell-bound train
or inheriting the gene for cancer,
addiction? What good are statistics
on a morning like this? What good
is my niece to anyone but herself?
What are the chances any of you
are reading this poem?
Dear men,
whom I have not met,
when you meet her on the street
wearing the wounds that won’t heal
and she offers you the only thing
she has left, what are the chances
you’ll take pity on her fallen body?

Dorianne Laux

Maybe the above poem seems a bit strong for a Christmas message of goodwill to all, peace on earth and joyful tidings, but what “Second Chances” hints at is that we all have an opportunity, especially at Christmas, to change how we behave towards others. As in every year at this time, we have another chance to reach out for the hand that is extended in a plea for help.

And possibly more important, we just might have a second chance to reach out for the hand that is extended to help lift us up.

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Di December 22, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Absolutely! Kindness and compassion are what we need to give the most Di

Susan Deborah December 19, 2011 at 2:43 pm

I found this overwhelming my spirit and senses.

Joy always,

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