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January 2, 2008

January 2, 2008. Here we all are at the start of another year. Each one of us on our individual journeys doing the best we can dealing with the winds and currents that buffet our boats as they course their way through life. May we all have a safe passage to whatever awaits us.


To represent this life journey, three years ago I carved a fleet of nine boats with a total of 34 occupants who had set out on “uncharted” waters. After finishing the initial carvings, the boats were then placed outside to weather over the ensuing years. For the past two months I have been laboriously refitting the stones, re-sanding the boats and oiling everything.

Although the top “boat” section looks to be separate from the darker “base”, they are actually carved from one single piece of wood. By not re-sanding the bottom section and leaving it completely weathered, a darkened and more aged patina is achieved.

Five years ago yesterday, in 2003, I put up the first entry on this blog, Life at the Edge, and have written weekly since. A long journey indeed with lots of words and photos detailing what goes on at Windgrove and, hopefully, linking these stories with some sort of universal truths on how the world and all its inhabitants could coexist more peacefully.

I doubt that I have always walked my talk and have probably sought safe anchorage in too many safe harbours instead of venturing out into the wilder unknown to either find myself or actively seek change. If the truth be known, I get seasick really quickly. Still, though, for those readers that have been with me since the beginning, there has been plenty of excitement to write home about. Thanks for sailing along with me. I look forward to the next five years.


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