Easter cave

April 10, 2004

Good Friday and Easter are reminders, even for non-Christians, of the importance of allowing oneself to venture into the “cave”; into darkness, mystery and the unknown.

easter caveThree days seemingly dead and then a rebirth. Just like the moon when it disappears from view for three days, only to reappear as a thin crescent of hope waxing, yet again, into fullness.

Do any of us avail ourselves to this call? Do we allow ourselves to enter into the dark well of our being? Why are we so afraid of this part of nature’s cycle?

To be born requires gestation in the womb; any womb. For adults to be born again, this might require an entrance into Earth’s womb before an exit into newness is possible.

Maybe it just isn’t possible to always be in the light if one truly wants to see.

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