Entering the dark

January 11, 2008

Just last week Sally’s and my kayaks cruised languidly along the sandstone shoreline in the relatively protected waters of Norfolk Bay (as opposed to “Storm Bay” where we live). Looking at the below photo where she is lulling about at the entrance to a shallow cave got me thinking about how every new artistic endeavour requires paddling into the dark unknown and having a peek and poke at what might lie within. Whether holding a palette in the painting studio or, more simply, an omelette pan in the kitchen, creativity demands it.


Embroidered onto the heart and stitched into the fabric of body and mind is all of our life’s history and it aches for inspired expression. Inspiration doesn’t just happen though. It is nurtured and coddled into being through the tiniest acts of bravery to overcome inertia, fear and the risk of failure. (Success, by the way, is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm.) Chance and luck play a part, but first and foremost, inspiration needs one to be an intrepid explorer, willing to enter into the mysterious, darker recesses of the many interior or exterior landscapes that lurk everywhere.

Today’s burnt offering inevitably leads to tomorrow’s gourmet sensation.


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