Goodness in darkness

May 23, 2011

Darkness came early this late autumn day in May.

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Mid-afternoon and there was not a breath of wind and all was quiet except for the rhythmic cadence of sound coming from the beach. Almost eerie.

Them wham.

But just before the “wham” struck, and while I was nestled in the house feeling cozy, neighbour Steve comes rushing in and says, “Quick, go check out the storm front coming across Storm Bay.”

Standing moments later (in my slippers) on a small bluff of land looking out towards the squall line, I could only feel a surge of positive energy well up in me as the ominous line of dark came steadily in the direction of my small self.

If I had been bigger, maybe the size of an angel, I might have tried to wrestle with one of those sinuous, long legged clouds.

Instead, I’ll just take the advice of Tagore and plant out this year’s garlic crop first thing in the morning.

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