Slow as #2

November 14, 2010

Three weeks ago in the October 24th blog entry of ‘Slow As’, I wrote about finishing the four tall components of the Buddha Bead poles. Now, the bases are completed and the four tall spindly poles can stand upright and heavenward.

The Buddha Bead poles were an adaptation of a DNA double helix spiral and the sea-grass found at Roaring Beach called Neptune’s Necklace (seen above photographed at low tide).

For the most part, my art is an attempt to show a sacred connection between Earth and Sky, body and mind, and, the physical with the spiritual.

Holding onto some Neptune’s Necklace is to sense the beads are more rosary than mere sea-grass.

Perhaps Buddha’s own rosary beads (of whatever material), if held underwater with one end released to float upwards to the light, could be comparable in looks to the floating Neptune’s Necklace.

Pressing either, my heart tells me, is to press the divine.

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Lisa Roberts October 13, 2011 at 10:07 pm

Wow.What a fabulous way to makes us appreciate Neptune’s Necklace. I found this page while researching for making an animation about how these algae respond to changes in temperature along our Australian eastern shores. And you have interpreted the ones youknow in so many beautiful ways! Thank you.

naomi May 31, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Peter refreshing to see your work again.
I have been thinking a lot about hand fish dancing and the night we performed around the dam. (part of me wants to restore them they are under my car port)
Ke-nnye is know 6 and I have begun teaching wood work part time. mixed with occasional community Arts.
hope your well Naomi

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