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October 19, 2015

Look closely at this microscope and you’ll see that the cobweb I was looking at six months ago has taken over. A fairly good indication of it not being used.


Bad house keeping? Possibly, but more likely that I just haven’t had the time to pursue indoor activities, much as I would like.


My studio is also a mess, but no cobwebs here. Instead, there are three projects on the go: the carving of ‘Present Time’, 29 more Gaia Evolution Walk posts to be sanded and drilled out before placement, and, a green basketball backboard being prepped for the neighbour kids.


Speaking of kids, in the past few months I’ve had constructed a bus turnaround for school trips coming to Windgrove.


And, school trips mean a place to pee. So, two new outdoor toilets. Nothing flash, but the view into the bushes is pleasant enough.


Then there’s the resident artists who stay in the Peace Bus. To make their stay “slightly” more comfortable, I finally got around to installing a gas heater in the bus and an outdoor shower.

Hopefully, the electrical conduit and water pipes are attached correctly to their respective operational units and not crossed up.


Well, Steve seems happy enough with the result of his handiwork.


And this weekend I covered up the trench with pavers all the way to the toilet. Looking good, I think.

Maybe now, time to dust the house? Oh, I forgot. The veggies need watering.

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