Visit from Tom

June 28, 2004

I had a birthday yesterday. Being alone, I went to the Peace Fire where I could do a little dance. I thought I would have the place to myself. However…

fire dancer 1Tom Wyman, one of my old classmates from Harvard turned up. Hadn’t seen him in years ever since he succumbed to Aids about this time sixteen years ago.

fire dancer 2He walked into the circle, sat for a while and then began to dance. Boy, could he still dance.

Tom was always a good dancer. Smooth, composed, yet with an inner passion that cried to be released. Elegant, is how the women described him as he moved around the dance floor. Must have been his southern upbringing in Louisiana.

fire dancer
I miss Tom’s graceful manners. I miss his way with words; his intelligence. I miss that he wasn’t able to contribute more of his talents to this world to make it a better place for all.

fire dancer 3This world has taken a lot of my friends away before their time. Maybe more of them will visit. As Tom would say: “Y’all come back, now!”

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