The Windgrove Peace Memorial

World peace can only be achieved if there is a mature approach to the idea of reconciliation; not only a reconciliation directed between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians, but between all the peoples of the world. And, just as importantly, between humanity and all other living creatures great and small.

When there is a reverence shown to all aspects of life, then a pathway to peace is possible. Remembrance of our ancestors and their stories coupled with a present reconciliation of past wrongs will create a future where a mature, compassionate wisdom will guide us.

Art that is purposefully created to facilitate this global behavioural change towards embracing peace is not only necessary and appropriate at the beginning of the 21st century, but is, in itself, healing.

The Windgrove Peace Memorial concerns itself with the peace that comes from within oneself, the peace that is between people, and, the peace that is between humanity and all living beings.

The whole of the memorial covers 15 acres with the main focus around a small pond that is circumnavigated by visitors. Three distinct sculptural elements are present on the walk representing the past (remembrance), present (reconciliation) and future (rebirth and redemption).

The first area that is approached is the "ancestral midden"; a 7 metre (24 foot diameter) grassed circle that is cut level into the hill. Here, visitors to the peace memorial place a small stone that they have brought with them with the purpose of honouring an ancestor of their choosing.

Over the years, as the pile of stones gets larger, it will serve to show how the many separate ancestral stories have joined and become one.

After leaving the "ancestral midden", the second area that is approached via a small foot bridge, is the "heart rock" partially hidden in a reed bed.

This is a large two metre long dolerite stone that has been sliced open and polished on the two inner surfaces and represents the concept that when the challenges of life break us open repeatedly during our present journey in this lifetime, wisdom and compassion can be learned and our inner spiritual and soul beauty revealed.

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