An opportunity to see the sacred self
within the reality of a sacred earth

The Refugee-in-Residence program at Windgrove is an endeavour to provide a “refuge” for people seeking a place of support, rest and inspiration for up to two months. Windgrove’s relative isolation makes it perfect as a refuge; it is a place of peace where a person is nurtured and where they can nurture their creativity. It offers an opportunity to take one’s personal and professional life deeper into dialogue with the sacredness of this earth.

Similar in concept to being an “artist-in-residence”, the Windgrove “refugee-in-residence” could be “anyone”. Whether artist, scientist, poet, musician, minister, juggler or chef, the one common concern is to use the time here to help foster a sustainable peace in the world. “Peace” here is defined as peace within oneself, peace between humans, and, peace between humanity and the more than human world.

Unlike retreats where participants go to find an inner peace within themselves, time at Windgrove is meant to open up a conversation/heart connection between the individual and the external realities surrounding them. Coupled with this is the participants desire to use their time here to further their ability to be an effective spokesperson for the earth.

Accommodation is in the fully self contained Peace Bus. Also available is a small, heated room for writing, painting, etc. Accommodation is free, but a weekly donation of $100 (if possible) is asked to help pay for food, gas, phone and other costs associated with participants being here. The only responsibilities are to to be active in the comings and goings of events and people associated with Windgrove when they happen and to share in the preparation and cleaning up of meals.

The Refugee-in-Resident program is not a vacation.

Being at Windgrove is a serious undertaking to look at the many facets of possible engagement between earth and spirit.

If the above appeals, then please consider coming.

Friends of Windgrove

The Friends of Windgrove is a small group of creative souls who cherish the solitude, inspiration and values of Windgrove.

We've come together to help build the dream, and we welcome support of any kind.

Besides on going costs associated with the running of the Refugee-in-Residence program, the maintenance of the Peace Fire and Windgrove Garden walks, there is a Windgrove wish list that includes: a 2nd accommodation for a Resident Refugee, accommodation for a Peace Fire resident, water storage facilities and a small multi-purpose studio.

Any contribution will be appreciated. Checks can be made payable to:
Windgrove Centre
Roaring Beach
Nubeena, Tasmania 7184

International and Australian Direct debit money can be sent to:
Westpac Banking Corp.
BSB #037001
Account #363523