A Stone for Peace

The Peace Garden is dedicated to the creation of a sustainable peace within the individual, between people, and, between humanity and the rest of the living world. It surrounds a pond and is comprised of three sculptural components representing the past, present and future.

People are invited to bring "a stone for peace" which they will place within the Ancestral Midden (past). These stones are placed in honour of a particular ancestor or ancestral story. The growing pile symbolizes how the many diverse ancestral stories/truths comprise the one universal story.

The placing of one person's stone next to another person's stone (of placing one person's truth next to another's truth) is that it implies a peaceful coexistence. The opposite of this is the throwing of stones at a neighbor.

The other components of the Peace Garden are the six-tonne Split Rock (present) symbolizing compassion, and, the six-metre tall Spiral/Womb of the Earth (future) symbolizing eternal hope through everlasting life, and the Peace Fire.

peace fire

Peace Fire
This eternal flame is dedicated to honouring the path of peace.
Created on April 6, 2002 through the inspiration of a Cape York
aboriginal woman and her people, the intention is to keep the fire alive for 600 years.

This fire acts as a catalyst for reconciliation between blacks and
whites, women and men, all religions, and, humanity and the

It is a cleansing fire; a sacred fire whose nature is to transform
negativity (personal/global) into a positive.

It serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking a world infused with
spirit; where the Earth itself is seen as sacred.

Directions: At Nubeena on the Tasman Peninsula take the Roaring Beach Road turnoff. After five kilometres take a left at the Windgrove sign and drive a further two kilometres.


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