A slow day is good

October 24, 2007

How will time judge me? Damned if I know.
My accomplishment is, I got up today.
I tried to write a poem. K’ung-fu Tzu said,
“The study of the low penetrates the high.”

Sam Hamill

The poetry of Hamill speaks to me on those slow mornings when high inspiration fails in its bid to whip me into a frenzy of creative endeavor.  Just getting out of bed and being a quiet observer provides sufficient meaning to the day. A walk of low expectations has many delights.


…..And in the end,
it doesn’t matter that we suffered or
did not suffer for our art, but that we
found in verse the courage to stand against
the state, political and religious.

How often you’ve said you don’t know a thing
about Zen or the Tao, but you’re a sage
all the same, and in the tradition of
Chuang Tzu and Confucius, a questioner,
a loner who has struggled to reach out.

Sam Hamill


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