Peace Walk

Speed walk

August 4, 2014

Last week I wrote about a small group of Buddhists that walked slowly around the Peace Path in meditation. The distance covered is around 2 kilometers or 1.5 miles.

Most readers would know that along the path there are several “stations of the cross” locations where a bench and a view allow for a bit of reflection time.


Yesterday, I thought it might be interesting if I could portray, in video format, the whole of the walk. The camera was set on “time lapse” shooting a frame every four seconds and I walked for 67 minutes — meaning, that over 1,000 images were captured.

Take a seat as you might fall down from getting dizzy.

Click on the video below for a 34 second whirlwind speed trip around the Peace Path. It starts at the Peace Garden and ends up at the Wombat Bench.


A bit of color

March 26, 2004

With a desire to bring some energetic lightness and dance to the Peace Pole, there are now flags surrounding it fluttering their message of hope.

peace pole flagsYesterday, I finished dying the twelve calico banners that my neighbor, Caroline, had kindly cut and sewn beforehand. The fun part in all of this was to take the cloth down to the ocean for a cold, salt water rinse to fix the dye. Playing with the fabric in the water and watching the several pieces flow with the movement of the waves like brightly colored kelp was a real treat as, normally, I deal in hard materials such as wood and stone.

Late this afternoon, seeing them catch the last rays of the sun whilst they flapped wildly on their spindly bamboo poles encircling the Peace Pole, I couldn’t help but feel a flicker of hope that, in this world gone mad with proving who can be more violent, compassion and tolerance will ultimately guide every politician’s motive.

It is hard to deny the flags’ collective call for freedom.

It is hard to deny their diversity of color.

It is hard to deny their cheerfulness

May peace prevail on earth.