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July 15, 2013

Back in the first week of June, an excavator arrived for the forth time in the past year to dig up the remaining deeply entrenched bracken roots that have tormented the construction of the tennis court at Windgrove. See those piles spread over the length and 2/3’s the width of the court? Well, after the guy with the excavator left, it was up to myself and neighbour Stan to go through it all, yet again, and sort out the roots — shovel full by shovel full.


We had already done this three times before in the past year, but this time I decided to also roll out a double layer of geo-fabric as a weed suppressant. And, bless our weary backs, today we will reach the half way mark after six weeks of steady, repetitive work.

DSC_8925 (1)

Stan can be seen moving the dirt from in front of him to the back of him on top of the first layer of geo-cloth that is around three feet (one metre) below ground level. When this gets covered with around ten inches/250mm of soil, a second layer of geo-fabric gets rolled over the top of this newly layered dirt and the process is repeated. Eventually, we’ll leap frog our way down the whole length of the court (assuming our arms, shoulders, necks, legs and backs hold out).


Yes, it is very hard work. Yes, I need to soak in a hot bath with epsom salts four times a week. Yes, I often wonder why am I doing this. But…. look at the view from the tennis court clubhouse’s viewing deck. Need I say more? Who else gets to work in such beautiful conditions?

And… I’ve never felt healthier.

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Glenn July 21, 2013 at 11:29 pm

Pete … you guys must have great ‘gut flora’ with all that time spent in amoungst the dirt:-)

And day in day out, has gotta be hard on the back and the knees.

Rock on man.


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