Remarkable Cave

March 31, 2003

About a twenty minute drive from Windgrove is Remarkable Cave, a sea tunnel that is entered into from the back side at low tide in order to gain access to the ocean.


While standing in it yesterday two much used phrases came to mind: “tunnel vision” and “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Am I guilty of the former when I constantly seek to have the clear felled logging of old growth forests stopped? Is the pain of the thousands of animals poisened during these operations, along with the deliberate destruction of their ancient ecosystems, blinding me to a wider, more encompassing and tolerant vision?

Likewise, is the ‘Future Perfect’ exhibition which opened last week in Hobart (showcasing the work by more than 60 writers and artists) pointing to a vision that offers some light at the end of today’s dark age mentality of forestry mismanagement?

It is a constant struggle to stay informed and fully aware of all that is happening around us when government and corporate spin doctors are relentless in their paid occupation to hide the full truth of their actions.

It is enough to make one crawl into a cave and hide.

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