Resident angel

March 25, 2003

sand angelmelanie angelThe dogs of war might seem to be a dominant force in the world today, but two days ago among the sand dunes of Roaring Beach during a lull in the bombing rains, the angelic mark of peace became visible.

Windgrove’s latest artist-in-residence, Melanie Mowinski, flew in from Massachesetts last Wednesday evening for a short two week stay and was met with heavy downpours, constant overcast skies and howling gale force winds. This Tuesday the sun dramatically reappeared in a cloudless, windless sky.

Melanie writes in her journal:

“The stormy-blowing and rainy weather of my first five days forced me inside to listen to, not only nature’s music, but to the words that form within me.

Listening: such the challenge for me. Being quiet. Holding still. Not doing. Being. Being present. Being grateful. Feeling blessed. Slowing down. Letting the earth speak to me, learning to feel more (to feel, period, and not always be in my head) and intellectualize less.”

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