Seeking happiness

April 21, 2006


There is always a bit a solid wisdom coming from the cartoon character Hobbes. Yes, happiness can be found in a sun drenched field.

So why do we keep forgetting this?

This morning was sunny, but it was also a cold day with a stiff breeze blowing in from the southwest.
wallaby_sleepWhile out and about enjoying its crispness, I came across this Bennett’s wallaby obviously agreeing with Hobbes about where to find happiness. With her back side protected from the wind by the dense foliage of a coastal wattle shrub, she seemed to be definitely enjoying soaking up the warmth of the sun.

For long minutes we just shared the same space, happy in the moment, unconcerned about mortgages, car payments, financial success or power positioning.

pygmy_handAnd, back at the house, guess who I found trapped in the sink again all shivering and cold unable to climb up, out and over the steep stainless steel walls? Must be the tenth time I’ve rescued this tiny Little Pygmy-possum.

Acting like a big, sunny field, the warmth of my stomach and cupped hands provided this happy creature with a few minutes of solid contentment before she decided to scurry home under the stove where, no doubt, a few tasty crumbs awaited her.

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