The human form

February 10, 2005

My last blog stirred up a good deal of discussion.

Four extracted comments (from three women, one man):

“Your writing is defensive and aggressive. You say you want to praise the beauty and original blessing of the body, but the rage and defiance at the surface of your words is at odds with your stated intent.”

“I have just been onto your web site – so enjoyed your man in prayer.”

“Thank you Peter for spelling out and reminding me of the sacredness of our bodies.”

“It is a lovely photo of you and the marvellous tree… I am coming into a new practice and deep appreciation of my body lately. and entering my own inner wildness and uncharted cosmos within. All quite wonderful and I wish It had been sooner but I rejoice I am only in the early part of 2nd half of life. I have often thought of doing a nude photography class where we are all nude in nature- the “models” and the photographer and then we both switch…roles. It would be very beautiful, healing and respectful to do.”

I appreciate and value all four comments as there is something for me to consider within each of them.

Today, however, I want to avoid words and just share the photos I took yesterday of two sections of the sand stone cliffs at Roaring Beach that have elements of the human form in them.

cliff art 1

These ageless “torsos” are beyond beauty.

cliff art

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