Too old? Never

January 26, 2015

Gosh. Just when you think life is in the final stages of ripening, nature tells you something different.


I was in the garden this morning feeling a bit tired from staying up past 9:30PM in order to watch a soccer match the previous night. I awoke quickly, though, when I noticed the “new” budding flowers of the gravenstein apple tree whose yellow/green early ripening tangy apples are now ready to be picked and made into either an apple sauce for pancakes or a pie to be eaten along side some vanilla ice cream.

The ripe apples are delicious looking, for sure, but what was more amazing was to see these fresh blossoms pushing forth well past their normal spring time period of flowering.

As if to say: “Come on tree, make room for us on your branches”, seven whitish pink flowers spoke in unison.

The lesson was clear: One is never too old. For anything.


But if you look carefully at the photos, you will notice a green string that I have attached to the roof of the garden that helps support the branch that carries the weight of all those apples.

As the string demonstrates, it is important to have the support of a community or partner or friend or family if one wants to blossom at any time in life; whether young, middle aged, or old.

We all need help.


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