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The Walk

The Walk is a two kilometre path through several of the various micro ecosystems that comprise the 100 acre Windgrove property.

For any visitor, whether here for a few hours, a day or for a retreat, the most important part of their stay would be to spend time on The Walk.

Along the path there are designated areas for rest and meditation. Presently, six such stations (places of contemplation) have been completed with the remaining eight to be finished over the next couple of years. Walking, then, becomes an opportunity to observe the flora and fauna of a diverse coastal landscape, converse with a friend or nature while sitting on an Earth Link bench and, most importantly, reflect on the path one has taken in this lifetime and how this chosen path can be further enriched through embracing a more sacred connection to the community of people and the community of all other living beings, great and small.

The culmination of the walk is at the Windgrove Peace Garden, a small, landscaped sculpture garden that is dedicated to the three interdependent forms of peace: the peace within the individual, the peace between humans, and, the peace between humanity and the environment.

At the Ancestral Midden section of the Windgrove Memorial, people are allowed to place any small stone (that they have brought with them) in honour of their ancestors and their ancestral story. This stone is first carried along the walk in order for the person bringing the stone to have the time to familiarize themselves with this landscape. Then, when they place it with the other stones, they will have had at least a beginning appreciation of what is the stone's final resting place.

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Temple Bench

Shakespeare Bench

Wedge Island

Peace Garden


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